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Our Animals Love To Work

Family Values

Pony Express Mobile Petting Zoo and Pony Rides is a family owned and operated business that came about because of our love of animals and our desire to share them with friends and family.

Healthy Animals

We follow the guidelines recommended by our veterinarian and the USDA. We can provide impeccable health records on all of our animals.

Happy Animals

Our animals are not just ‘Petting Zoo’ animals. They all have jobs that they love to do and they are our family pets and business partners.

Superior Service

We take pride in our work, in our family and in our animals and we will make your celebration a very memorable one!

Our Story

Because our business came about from a love of animals and sharing them with friends and family. Seeking family togetherness, we have encouraged our children to also participate in the business as a great way of teaching them that hard work is good and good things come from hard work.

Our Animals

Our petting zoo is unique, as most of our animals are rescue animals, and are residents of Old McDonald Barnyard Animal Rescue http://www.crestonefarm.com/Barnyard.html. A percentage of what the petting zoo makes is donated to Old MacDonald to help care for abused, neglected, misunderstood, or forgotten animals.



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Our Family

Our Family

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