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The Petting Zoo is Customized For Your Needs

$175 Per Hour, Plus $1 Per Mile Trip Fee.  Add A Camel $25.  


Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Alpacas, Tortoise, Mini Donkeys, Mini Horses and Llamas Oh My!!!!!!

This is just a small example of the animals you might find in Pony Express’s mobile petting Zoo. With easily accessible pens, guests can get up close and in person with many of the animals that provide us with valuable farm products and often companionship.

Petting zoos are a great addition to any event and are enjoyed by children and adults alike. Our travelling menageries are ideal for birthday parties, festivals, in-house school field trips, theme parties, company picnics, church events, Christmas and Easter events, senior centers, and family reunions. Our petting zoo animals are clean, gentle and friendly, and love people almost as much as people love them. No matter what type of event you’re hosting, we can create a petting zoo that will fit your needs.


The traditional petting zoo requires only a minimum amount of space (about 20 x 20 ft, but a little more is ideal), and is perfect for private parties, “farm days” at schools, company picnics, libraries, grand openings, and small church festivals or vacation bible schools. The animals are extremely friendly and interactive, and the experience comes with the opportunity for children to “help” us feed them. A charge of $1 per cup will be added and must be arranged prior to event.

Make it Unique

The petting zoo is easily customized to meet your needs. Planning a large event? Ask us about making your petting zoo larger, and more diverse. Baby goats, mini horses and mini donkeys are usually available for the petting zoo in late winter and springtime for special Easter themed zoos. And check out our exotic animal add on options here.