$250 - 4 Pony 
$300- 6 Pony 
2 hour minimum plus trip fee

Pony Express Pony Rides is excited to bring our pony carousel to your special event. We have many years experience at fairs, festivals, company parties, church gatherings as well as school and daycare events. Our ponies are well-trained, and always very well-groomed. 
We have ponies of all breeds, sizes, and beautiful colors. They are placed on our pony sweep, a carousel of real live ponies! A 20×20 area is needed for our 4, or 6, pony sweep. We need parking nearby for our truck and trailer. Lead around, hand walked rides are also available. All the ponies are well supervised by our professional, experienced staff.
Our equipment is in excellent condition. All of our ponies are well groomed, receive regular vaccinations, health checkups, regular farrier care, and coggins are kept up to date. Our pony rides are great family fun


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